Sunday, November 7, 2010

My favorite toy shop on the web!

Have you been to Eden Fantasys lately? If not, head on over there now! This has become my most favorite site on the web for adult toy shopping. The site is very friendly and easy to navigate. I would call it super female friendly as well - you won't feel dirty or embarrassed when you leave the site. So far I haven't come across a product that they don't carry. If I hear about a product on my web journeys I go to Eden Fantasys and there it is, and not only is it there, but most products include LOTS of reviews and many have videos. I don't know about you,..but If I am buying something on the web, if I can't hold it, touch it, and play with it ahead of time (especially an adult toy),...I want to read reviews from people who have. That is definitely my favorite part of the Eden Fantasys site is the in depth reviews from my peers. Even better are the video reviews where you can actually see the product and hear about others experiences with it. Eden Fantasys allows very honest reviews of the products (not just all happy and positive) and I really appreciate that! And it's not only adult sex toys and videos, Eden Fantasys carries a wide range of products including music, books, and other fun accessories. I highly recommend ;-)

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

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