Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Great Grobally Goodness!

From Grobal:

"Comes complete with nutrients and media - ready to grow! Style and Function perfectly balanced: Grobal is plant care evolved; no green thumb necessary. With its unique self watering system and stylish design by Karim Rashid, Grobal keeps your house plants lush, green, and looking sharp. Grobal draws water and nutrients from the reservoir into the Grobal Soil in the top chamber. Just check the water level through the water level indicator and refill when needed through the Nutriport. Grobal does the work, you look good."

Introducing my Grobal self watering planter that I received in the mail to evaluate. I purchased a Fittonia plant and set to work replanting it in the very attractively designed Grobal. Grobal planters are also available in 5 other colors like sky blue and bubblegum, but I chose black because I thought it would make a plant really pop out at you and could go with any decor - I was right!

Planting instructions were simple and they also have helpful videos online at Grobal:

The Grobal comes with planting medium and also several packets of plant nutrients that can be added to your water to start your plant out on the right foot. Planting was easy, took less than 10 minutes from start to finish and you are left with a VERY attractive plant that basically takes care of itself. You can add water to the chamber when needed and check the level anytime by peering at the water level indicator near the bottom.

I have been very pleased with my Grobal. I think it is a perfect solution for people that travel often, plants left in offices over weekends and long holidays, OR people like me that just plain forget to water their plants for long stretches at a time ;-)

It looks classy and attractive on a shelf or windowsill and has gotten a lot of compliments by guests at my house already. I can honestly say after a month, I can't think of one negative or downside to this planter. It's an easy keeper! ,...and who couldn't use more of those!? :-)

two thumbs up!

Grobal website:

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  1. I love that I wouldnt have to worry about it. Very nice!!!